2019 Creative Wedding Ideas

Nothing remains memorable than a wedding that had one or two unique things that the guest had never seen before. Weddings have been evolving each year, with couples and wedding planners coming up with creative ways to introduce uniqueness in weddings.

In 2019, the trend is still active; people have improved the ideas we saw in 2018 to something more fun. Below are some creative wedding ideas to consider in 2019;

Mid-ceremony shot.

We are accustomed to taking shots at the end of the ceremony or rather at the reception. In 2019, you can try and take photos at any time of the ceremony. This means that you can take a picture with the officiant during the ceremony or a random speaker. You can try and create a moment to moment wedding album.

Touch-up stations.

Ladies want to look amazingly gorgeous on your wedding day. However, with the many activities involved in a wedding, the makeup may wipe away, the hair might lose its touch, etc. You should, therefore, consider coming up with touch up stations where you hire some makeup professionals to help the ladies maintain their beauty with makeup. Definitely, this will stand out this year.

Customized mini-wedding cakes.

Ever thought that not all your guests love the flavor of your cake? This year, put all your guests into consideration. Bake mini cakes for all your guest considering their individual flavor and maybe a “thank you note” bearing their names. This will create a special feeling for each and every guest that attended your wedding.

Private vows.

We are accustomed to couples taking vowels designed by the priest or religious leader in charge. After taking those vows, consider taking some private time with your spouse to exchange vows. You can exchange emotional vows that couldn’t be exchanged in the presence of your guests, especially if you are not a good public speaker – read article on best wedding tips ever.

The above are just some of the creative wedding ideas that will work the magic in 2019.

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